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Active desktop
Activate the Desktop
The Active Desktop arrived six years ago, but have you used it? Frank Charlton shows you how to add Web content to your desktop
Registry hacks
The Registry and the Taskbar and System Tray
We divulge more Registry edits that will ensure you stay in full control of Windows.
Transferring data
Transferring data
Moving data between your old and new PC has never been so simple. Paul Townsend shows you how with File and Settings Transfer Wizard
  • Secure Windows and outsmart spyware
    September 2004
    Our system security series digs deeper into firewalls, protecting Windows and outsmarting spyware.
  • Converting to NTFS
    September 2004
    Access more features by changing the file system that Windows XP uses. Just follow Paul Townsendís advice right here.
  • Enter the Registry
    September 2004
    Is the Registry designed to strike fear into mere mortals? Fearless Frank Charlton certainly doesnít think soÖ
  • Enhance XPís Context menu
    August 2004
    Power up that underused right-click menu with some nifty new commands. Frank Charlton is your trusty guide.
  • Audio compression
    August 2004
    Shrink your music to just a fraction of its original size. Frank Charlton wishes for something similar in real life...
  • Get prompt results
    August 2004
    Sometimes youíll have to perform system tasks using the Command Prompt. Paul Townsend temporarily abandons the Windows GUI...
  • Boost MS Office
    August 2004
    Paul Townsend indulges in a little Registry editing and enhances the performance of his Office programs.
  • Boost Windows XP
    July 2004
    Make use of built in tools and settings, says Paul Townsend and you can make your system go a whole lot faster.
  • Software tweaks
    July 2004
    Use the Registry to change the configuration of your Windows applications. Youíre in safe hands as we show you how itís done.
  • Stabilise Windows XP
    June 2004
    Peace of mind can be yours with some useful advice from Paul Townsend on improving stability in Windows XP.
  • 25 top AVG Anti-Virus tips
    June 2004
    The Internet is invaluable, but itís also laden with viruses. Mary Branscombe shows you how to say safe easily with AVG.
  • Network boosts
    June 2004
    Speed up your Internet connection and improve network management at the same time, and for free.
  • Video codecs
    June 2004
    Why will your PC play some video files and not others? Itís all down to codecs.
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Issue 140, Christmas 2004
Christmas 2004

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